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" ... All that I experienced afterwards had already been in Roustchouk"
Elias Canetti


Welcome! Ruse is the biggest Bulgarian port town on the bank of the river Danube. Through the Rhein - Main - Danube canal which covers 3,500 km and connects thirteen European countries with the Near and Far East via the Black Sea, the river becomes the longest inland waterway on the planet.

This key position has determined the nineteen century long co-existence of town, river, and people, carrying the unique atmosphere of history as a precious heritage, and of future as an open road full of promises.  The Romans were the first to build the fort which they called Sexaginta Prista (the port of sixty ships). Then came others, from Europe, leaving their indelible imprint in this intersection of material and spiritual culture, followed by the imbued with the zeal of drive and enterprise Bulgarians, who gradually turned the place into a centre of the Bulgarian national revival.  The very name Ruse became a synonym of economic growth and cultural rebirth.

New industries sprang up, banks and trade agencies were founded and European shipping agencies, as well as 17 foreign consulates were established. A large number of Bulgarian, Austrian, Italian, and Swiss men of art created the wealth of architectural forms and styles characteristic of the period in Europe: neo-classicism, neobaroque, neogothic style, art nouveau, and fin du siecle.


  • Business supportive local government
  • A cross - point of European corridors
  • Availability of raw materials for the reprocessing industrial plants
  • Access to the gas supply ducts network and natural gas storage
  • Well developed network of educational institutions

For the first time in Bulgaria and Ruse

There are many things that allegedly happened in Ruse for the first time. This article proposes a list of them. 

1864 - opens the first modern printing press in the Bulgarian lands.

1865 - for the first time in Bulgaria streets obtain names.

1865 - at the place of the homestead of the British consul was created Obraztsov Chiflik, which is the first modern farm for the entire territory of the then Ottoman Empire.

1866 - the year from 1-st January on the initiative of the Austro-Hungarian Consul Martirut in Ruse began to lead the first regular meteorological observations in the first Meteorological Office. They were made by the secretaries of the Austro-Hungarian Consulate in Ruse, on the instructions of Vienna meteorologist Julius von Hahn.

1866 - On November 7-th was opened the first railway line in Bulgaria, Ruse - Varna.

1870 - the first in the country exhibition facing the local industry and agricultural production.

1870 - started operating the first factory for alcoholic drinks D. Petru.

1876 ​​- built the first brewery in Bulgaria, Sveta Petka

1878 - Ruse became the first city in Bulgaria with a Master Plan drawn up by Russian military engineers and Ozhio Kopitkin.

1880 - Ivan Vedar established the first masonic lodge in the Principality of Bulgaria - Balkan Star

1881 - The first naval brass band.

1881 - first factory for the processing of furriery.

1881 - built first e metal vessel.

1881 - established a sea school under the name Naval Machinery School.

1882 - the first public building in Bulgaria - a county government building, designed by Franz Gryunanger.

1883 - the first Bulgarian steam brewery was built by Czech industrialist Haberman.

1883 - the first Bulgarian factory for soap.

1883 - built the first  meteorological station.

1885 - in Ruse was founded the first Bulgarian Technical Society

1887 - the first Bulgarian knitting factory E. Lyutskanov.

1889 - first established in Bulgaria Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.

1890 - the first Bulgarian furniture factory.

1891 - the first Bulgarian joint stock insurance company "Bulgaria" with its branches in Sofia and other cities as well as representative offices in Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Veles, Bitola, Ohrid, Athens, Piraeus, Alexandria, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Paris , Madrid and Berlin.

1895 - the first Bulgarian chemical factory.

1895 - first established in Bulgaria Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

1897 - first public film show in Bulgaria.

1897 - the first elevator in Bulgaria, worked in the American model built in 1897 Hotel, Chicago, owned by Solomon Blaushtayn.

1897 - Bulgaria's first sculpture ateliera of P. Gavalas and L. Lear.

1897 - opened in Ruse First Bulgarian workshop for producing sculptural decorations for buildings and bust ", owned by Atanas slabs;

1898 - the first Bulgarian factory  for iron shutters.

1898 - the first Bulgarian factory for milling machines.

1906 - first in the country Factory Express of Askeryanfor bicycles, turntables and more metal products.

1907 - the first pipe organ in Bulgaria is installed in the Catholic Church of St. Paul.

1908 - built the first Bulgarian factory for metal beds and furniture Jordanov , Tonev and Kazandjiev. They set the fashion to paint landscapes on the tables of beds.

1911 - the first movie in Bulgaria called "Modern Theatre".

1914 - the first Bulgarian factory for bluing.

1933 - the first Bulgarian oil industry, owned by Jozef Veshkov.

1935 - The first Bulgarian passenger shipping line Ruse - Vidin.

1935 - Ruse became the seat of Bulgarian River Shipping.

1954 - The first bridge over the Danube for combined transport between Bulgaria and Romania.

Fully furnished luxury apartment in the center 

of town Ruse

Basic location:
Area: 42 sq.m. or 452.08sq.ft.
Floor: 7/8
Distance from the airport: 195 km or 121.2 miles to Varna, 60 km or 37.5 miles to Bucharest

Cable TV



19 899 € EURO or £ 16 445 GBP

or 27 472 $ USD

PRICE with garage:
21 998 € EURO or £ 18 090 GBP

or 30 219 $ USD

Company needed to own property: NO
Conditon of property: EXCELLENT

      A wonderful apartment               located in Ruse

  We offer comfortable and fully furnished property located in town Ruse.This luxurious apartment has an area of 42 sq. m. It is located on the seventh floor in the building with eight floors.The floors laminated. The apartment consists of a spacious living room with bedroom, kitchen, hallway, bathroom and terrace. It's offered for sale fully furnished with everything you need to live or rent out. The bedroom and bathroom have modern Italian style elements in their decoration. Spacious corridor leads to all rooms. The Owner can buy garage located near the building. There is a silent elevator. Lovely view. It is perfect for living. It is situated close to mall Ruse, hospital, police station, a pharmacy, food shops nearby, a bus station, etc
  Town Ruse is the fifth largest town in Bulgaria and the largest Bulgarian town situated on the Danube River. It is one of the oldest Bulgarian towns with traditions in culture, art and education.

178 sq. m. Premises FOR SALE or RENT town Ruse ON THE GROUND FLOOR divided into 6 rooms

Basic location:
Area: 178 sq.m. or 1916 sq.ft.
Floor: ground
Distance from the airport: 195 km or 121.2 miles to Varna, 60 km or 37.5 miles to Bucharest

178 sq. m. Premises FOR SALE or RENT town Ruse ON THE GROUND FLOOR divided into 6 rooms

  We are presenting functional and practical premises in the centre of town Ruse, on the ground floor of a new residential building with built area 178 sq.m. The premises internally is divided into 6 rooms and there are 2 toilets.  It is perfect for offices, Residence, Bank, a Night club, Warehouse or Business call. The premises is close to the banks, main post office, shops and etc. Located 300 meters from the central square. It is also near

  Bulgaria has become one of the 10 most popular destinations to buy within the last 6 years.  Ruse is a city situated in the northeastern part of the country, on the right bank of the Danube, opposite the Romanian city of Giurgiu, 300 km from the capital Sofia and 200 km from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is the most significant Bulgarian river port, serving an important part of the international trade of the country. Ruse is also known as Little Vienna thanks to the stunning European architecture, Ruse is a blend of cultures.

  Property prices in the area of Ruse also dropped in the last year or so and now this is a great bargain offer for sale and rent.

Bulgaria has become one of the 10 most popular destinations to buy within the last 6 years. 

Bulgaria is the ideal destination for the European companies to minimize taxes and avoid heavy bureaucratic procedures. Bulgaria has a stable economy and the lowest taxation rates within the European union. It is often called the “tax heaven” of Europe. The country is a preferred location for companies and individuals who provide services or trade goods within the EU