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Coconutoil is suitable for healthy and normal skin maintenance, i.e. skin free of anyparticular problems. It can be used for directly massaging face, neck, low-neck as well as the whole body, especially massaging dry skin after a shower.Due to its composition of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is instantlyabsorbed by the skin and makes it feel like 'velvet'. It prevents hands andheels against chapping. Coconut oil is suitable to be added to sun care creams,toilet milks, emulsions. It can also be used pure before and after sunbathingcreating a stable, protective layer. When melted coconut oil can be mixed withall other oils because in this way it expands and enriches its effect.

Note: at temperature below 250 degrees C, coconut oil is in solid statebut applied to the skin it melts instantly.



Pure PlantOils

Plant oils are extracted from nuts, seeds and fruit by meansof cold pressing followed by fine purifying without applying high temperature.Their valuable qualities are thus preserved and the storage period isprolonged. Oils are mixtures of triglycerides of non saturated fatty acids, andthe skin being fatty permeable and not water permeable easily absorbs the oilsand becomes velvety soft and smooth.

Poly non-saturated fatty acids are a form of vitamin F whichis an important bio stimulator for the various physiological and biochemicalprocesses in the body.

Plant oils accelerate cell metabolism, improve moisturizing,help the formation of collagen and fibrionogen. They improve the local bloodand lymph circulation and recover the skin turgor.

They help normal functioning of the fatty glands, avert the excessive greasingand dilating of the pores. Plant oils contain phytosteroids as well, vitamin E,phospholipids, macro and micro elements and other bioactive substances. Theoils are easily accepted by human body and they are an important part of themetabolism.


Cosmetic Use

• For face, neck, low-neck and body massage - a reliable wayto maintain your skin fresh and healthy. Dead cells and slack secretion areremoved and blood and lymph circulation is activated. Skin is well hydrated fora long time.


• For cosmetic masks - combined with other natural productsoils stimulate their absorbing by skin and enhance its good looks.


• The addition of good-quality plant oils to creams, toiletmilk, balsams, shampoos can enhance their qualities. It is not by chance thatin a great number of advertisements 'Enriched with (a given kind of oil) ispointed out as a great advantage.


• For nourishing and deep cleansing - apply excessive amountof oil on the skin cover with warm wet cloth for about 15 minutes, after whichremove the excessive amount.


• For protecting and restoring the skin during and after sunbathing.


Plant oils are a constant component in modern, high-gradecosmetics. They are present in natural-based products and they are a valuableingredient in dietary, healthy and delicacy food oils.

They are stored in a dark, cool place (but not in a fridge) at temperature 7-25 degrees C. At temperatures below zero they get dark and thick ( the so calledthermo-stress effect ) but it does not change their properties. At warming themup they get back to their normal state. Their real 'enemies' are heat, air andlight. Improperly stored they go rancid which can be easily detected by theirsmell and taste. It is advisable that oil should be used up within two monthsafter opening the bottle. After each usage the neck of the vial should be wipedoff, otherwise the oil around it quickly goes rancid.


NOTE: Oils are 'living' biologicalproducts. As a consequence of seasonal variations in the quality of rawmaterials slight differences in colour, density or smell between differentbatches can appear.




Countryof origin: Bulgaria

 It is manufacturedin Bulgaria !!!!!


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