Bulgaria Rose Oil  

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ASAM POWERFUL ANTI CELLULITE GEL 250ml Cellulite Treatment German quality BEST


Innovative  complex with powerful anti cellulite effect; highly concentrated  carnitin and caffeine stimulate the degradation of fat depots and  work effectively for a firmer and smoother skin. The rosemary extract  with powerful antioxidant effect improves the cell regeneration  processes, activates the blood circulation and accelerates the  lipolysis, and natural oils and panthenol (Provitamin В5)  intensively hydrate and tone the skin. The gel has an uttered warming  effect and fresh lemon grass aroma. The gel is being quickly absorbed  by the skin and leaves no grease on the skin surface.

Application:Apply  once a day, at best in the evening, on a clean and dry skin with  energetic massage until completely absorbed by the skin. Wash your  hands after application of the gel and avoid contact with eyes.

Packaging:  250 ml


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