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Super-concentrated lifting Treatment for Body & Bust intensively Firms and lifts the Skin 250 ml

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Super-concentrated lifting Treatment for Body And Bust intensively Firms and lifts the Skin strengthens and Renews the skin perfectly sculpts  the Body

body fit tm Complex

Collagen + Laminaria Alga

lifting Effect

Proven effectiveness:

With the passing time, under the influence of sun rays, harmful influence off ree radicals and slimming diets the skin sags and the body loses the firmness. The unique combination of bioactive ingredients of the Slim Extreme Lift prevents stretch marks, treatment restores the skin’s firmness. The body becomes beautifully modeled and visibly younger.


BodyFit™ Complex - stimulates the intra-cellular processes, regulates the distribution of water inside tissues, and reconstructs the tissue which supports the skin, replaces sagging with firmness and beautifully “sculpts” the body.

Accacia Collagen - a strong firming ingredient, stimulates the production of collagen fibers, strengthens the subcutaneous tissue and restores its density; builds an invisible micro-net which increases firmness and tension. 

Laminaria Algae - the mineral salts contained in the algae strengthen the structure of the skin, making it supple and firm. 

Shea Butter - acting as natural skin lipids prevents the dryness and loss of water, firmness, conditions and deeply regenerates.

APPLICATION: Every morning and evening, massage the product in with circular movements, moving the hands upwards to stimulate blood circulation. Regular application guarantees the quick and durable effect of increased firmness, delicate tension and visible rejuvenation of the skin. 

Dermatologically Tested

Application: Every morning and evening massage product with a circular motion.

Volume: (200ml + 50ml)  250ml


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