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Ikarov Pure Massage oil against striae 125ml/4.23oz

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When and why do striae appear? During rapid change of weight - most often during puberty, pregnancy or with sportsmen who speedily accumulate muscular mass. In these cases skin expands and being not sufficiently resilient, leaves unpleasant marks.

How can we fight the appearance of striae?

Massage oil against stiae is a natural product which helps skin adapt to rapid changes without leaving marks on it. base oil is a mixture of wheat germ oil, grape and cocoa oils. These oils secure a complex of fatty acids which are especially suitable for nourishing the skin and hypodermic tissue. The four oils: rose, patchouli, petit grain and bergamot, dissolved in the base, have been successively tested against striae formation. Bulgarian rose oil is particularly efficient: strongly vitalizing, with a clearly expressed soothing action. 'SILVY' secures a complex effect on skin and connective tissue by nourishing, hydrating, stimulating and preparing it for the challenge of fast growth.

How often should the oil be used?

With dry and thin skin, a daily 5 - 10 minute massage of the expansion - endangered areas is enough. With normal dry skin, massaging can be performed every other day, and with fatty skin every 2-3 days. This is only general recommendation. The best way to determine the frequency and length of massage is speed of growth and your self-observation.

Massage oil against stiae - a natural, efficient and easy to use product !

Ikarov Pure Massage oil against striae 125ml/4.23oz

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