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Pure Anti-cellulite massage oil Juniper berry 125ml/4.23oz

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Massage oil extracted from juniper berry fruit. The base oil consists of sesame and grape seed oils. Sesame oil has warming effect while grape seed oil is good for pores and fatty secretion. To this base are dissolved juniper berry, white pine, lemon and lavender essential oils. Juniper berry anti-cellulite massage oil is very good for continuous massaging so that it penetrates completely into the skin and warms it up. This oil has proved its qualities and has successfully been used for several years for individually as well as professionally done massage.

How to massage? When? How long?

•start with light and stroking motions to prepare the body for the massage.

•Then you can make the motions stronger but nor rude.

•Start from the lower parts of the body and go to the upper parts, massaging first the front and then the back side of each area.

•Massage with strong motions from down to upwards and with light, stroking motions from up to down.

•Massage first the toes, toe pads and feet because all the internal organs are projected over them. Massaging their reflect points improves their general activities. This is a good start.

Pure Anti-cellulite massage oil Juniper berry 125ml/4.23oz

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