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Ikarov Pure Wheat germ oil Essential oil


It is extremely suitable for dry and aging skin due to its nourishing effect. Of all the oils it is the richest in vitamin E, germ lecithin, minerals, phytosterols, macro and micro elements due to which is its specific smell. Vitamin E helps provide cells with oxygen and protects them against harmful substances, retards skin aging and lecithin makes it fresh and supple. Wheat germ oil is suitable for nourishing the eye contour with aging skin. It is of great help for chapped, scurfy and sore lips. It can be applied to the skin before the so called 'steam bath' procedure, it can also be applied to inflamed skin areas, scars, close to surface or broken capillaries. Wheat germ oil prevents against stretches, tissue loosening during pregnancy by direct massaging or adding it to toilet milk. It can be used for splitting hair by rubbing it into hair ends.

Ikarov Pure Wheat germ oil Essential oil 55ml/1.86oz

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