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Ikarov Pure Macadamia oil Essential oil


Macadamia oil is extracted from the nut meat of Australian nut by cold pressing. It is included in the group of oils with composition closest to the human skin com'record- holder' among natural oils. Up to 20% of the chemical composition of macadamia oil is palmitoleic triglycerides of the type 'omega-7' which have antioxidant effect and protect cell membrane. Palmitoleic acid is contained in the skin, but its content gets lower with age. That's why macadamia oil reduces the effect of aging. Because of its softening properties and hydrating effect, macadamia oil is perfect for dry and aging skin types. It helps them preserve their smoothness, suppleness and fresh looks.

Macadamia oil is easily absorbed and it is not by chance called 'vanishing oil'. The oil is hypo allergic, has beneficial effect on sensitive skin, it is ideal for massage during pregnancy period. It prevents the appearance and reduces striae. It can be applied to babies in cases of rash and milk crusts. It helps in cases of sunburns, chafes and scars from wounds.

Macadamia oil has high moisture retaining ability. It is a valuable component of massage mixtures, and base for aromatherapy because it is of dense consistency and is almost odorless. The universal properties of macadamia oil are pointed out in all researches. It has its application in many fields of cosmetics - lotions, creams, gels, baby oils. Due to its high stability, it is preferred in 'hot-oil' procedures.

Ikarov Pure Macadamia oil Essential oil 30ml/1.01oz

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