Bulgaria Rose Oil  

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Bulgaria is known as The Land of Roses. The Bulgarian rose essential oil is one of the most expensive products, sold all over the world.It is mainly used for the production of high quality perfumes. 

Bulgarian rose essential oil is produced in a valley called “The Valley of Roses.” This is a region located between the Balkan Mountains, to the north, and Sredna Gora Mountain, to the south. The region’s administrative center is the town of Kazanluk, and the Valley of Roses encompasses the nearby villages of Rozovo, Srednogorovo, Kunchevo, Krun, and the town of Shipka.

June is the time for the traditional ritual of rose petal picking in the Valley of Roses. Rose petals are collected at dawn, before the flowers have blossomed. It is believed that at that time of day the concentration of rose oil is at its highest. A little before sunrise, the rose-pickers enter the rose fields singing and jesting, and begin picking the fragile rose petals in their straw baskets. Visitors to the region are invited to join in, and become part of the magic of this ritual, which has become a means of livelihood for the local population.

Rose essential oil, or so-called "rose otto," is produced by a water distillation process in copper stills. Yields can differ depending on the quality of flowers and the method of distillation: it may take 3,000 to 5,000 kg of flowers (more than one million flowers!) to produce 1 kg of rose oil. A collector usually gathers 25 kg of blossoms a day. It is thus not difficult to understand why genuine rose oil is so expensive.

Rose water is a by-product of the distillation process, being the remaining water obtained when the oil has been recovered from the distillates.

The legend

Greek mythology says that white roses were born with Aphrodite to challenge her beauty. One day Eros, playing in the gardens of Mount Olympus, was stung by bees while gathering the flowers. His blood colored the blossoms. Then Aphrodite in her eagerness to heal him dropped a bottle of perfume, which gave its fragrance to the roses.

The rose has always been a symbol of love, youth and beauty. There could not possibly be a flower which has been more cherished and praised from antiquity to modern days. Perhaps because of its intoxicating fragrance, with which one immediately falls in love, it has always been connected with something divine. The Bulgarian oil-bearing rose (Rosa Damascena Mill) obtained as a result of 300 years of breeding is the most valued of all oil-bearing roses. Its refined scent and dermatological qualities make it an irreplaceable component in perfumery and cosmetics.

The Bulgarian Rose Damascene is precious in an irrefutable way - the rose oil is the most valuable essential oil with a fragrant, calming and purifying effect. There have to be processed thousands of rose blossoms in order to obtain a single drop. The rose oil is the liquid gold of Bulgaria. It is of highest quality due to the favorable climate conditions and the ecological environment where the essential rose plants are grown - the so cold Rose Valley, which is considered to be their natural environment not only within the country but in the whole world. The unique curative characteristics of the rose oil and rose water that are famous from the remote past are used successfully in the production of cosmetic products. They clean and refresh the skin, moisturize and maintain the hydro-lipid balance, stimulate cells regeneration, soothe and remove inflammatory processes. They have an anti-oxidant effect slowing up the appearance of wrinkles.

Rose is justifiably titled Queen of Flowers.

Her heavenly fragrant blossoms bring not only joy to the eye but also heal. Rose oil is a natural product extracted by distilling the flowers of the oil - producing Bulgarian rose Rosa damascena. The precious liquid extracted from the fragrant rose petals is known since ancient times for its anti-inflammatory, softening and anti-allergic anion, promoting regeneration of sore and aging tissues.

The ROSE OIL OF BULGARIA line features products containing 100% organic ingredients, physically extracted from plants grown in environmentally clean areas without any use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.Each product in the line is infused with natural Bulgarian rose oil, the most precious and non-toxic essential oil in the world.

It brings benefits both to skin and soul and spirit, energizing and vivifying each cell. Anything we apply to skin penetrates in a couple of minutes and is transported into the blood circulation. Chemical and synthetic substances are unknown to the human body and it is unable to metabolize them.

It turns out that after all incredible wonders of technology and amazing anti-aging agents, the best cosmetic laboratories are again embracing the 'back to nature' concept. Everything natural appears to be fashionable and most of all efficient, against the signs of aging.

The worthless natural compositions created by evolution in plants and herbs greatly exceed those artificially produced in labs. Organic products have really become a craze in cosmetics. In the modern polluted world, they offer a skin health panacea. Modern technology meets the unique power of nature. The products in the ROSE OIL OF BULGARIA line pass stringent quality control testing and tests by dermatologists and volunteers.

With 100% all natural and environmentally clean organic ingredients, they combine cosmetology achievements and innovations with nature to bring you health, intense hydration, nourishment and lifting, recovering your natural beauty and youthfulness.

Very often Bulgaria’s name is readily associated with the celebrated Bulgarian yoghurt containing a bacillus that the human system benefits greatly from.

Bulgarian Yoghurt (Bulgarsko kiselo mlyako ) - popular for its specific taste, aroma and with its reputed gift of longevity for those Bulgarians who consume it regularly.

Yoghurt means

“firm-set milk” and it was the Bulgarians who discovered it.

 More than 1,300 years ago the people in the region of today`s Bulgaria were making “Katuk” from sheep`s and buffalomilk. Today scientists speak of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and by this mean the natural equivalent of the probiotic dairy products produced and marketed in Europe at a cost of tens of millions. The trademark of Bulgarian yoghurt is very famous in China, Japan and on the European market.

Bulgaria is famous for its folk music, dances and ancient folk customs and these traditions are still upheld. So when you go out for dinner in a folk tavern, you will be entertained with performances of dance and music.

A Bulgarian folk song was recorded on the Voyager Golden Record which was sent into outer space by NASA.

Bulgarian Evergreen

Good evening, young friend

Good evening, my comrade.

Be welcome to our town,

Be welcome to Bulgaria.


In this beautiful day,

take one Bulgarian rose from me.

May it tell you in its flavoured voice

Of the Balkan, of the sea, and of every

one of us (every one of us).


And when, my young friend,

And when, my comrade,

You are leaving our town,

And you’re leaving Bulgaria.


And don’t forget, even for a day, about

this Bulgarian rose, and about me.