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PIELCU Bottle of wine 2 l


Bottle of wine 2 l

Wine boot is a type of bottle traditionally used in Spain to drink wine. Used to store and drink wine directly, here is the guide on how to use a wine boot. Originally named “bota” in Spanish, the wine boot of goat skin or leather. It is considered that wine boot keeps the wine fresh for a longer period of time.  


Instructions on How to use a wine boot.

1. As a precautionary measure, the wine boot must be washed with running water before every use. Washing helps in getting rid of the brittle wineskins. Wines are the dry layers of wine inside of the wine boot. 

2. In order to heat the wine boot, you can also use the normal hair dryer. Heating helps in making the boot soft from inside and eliminatingthe  the sticky surface. The surface of wine boot sometimes as sticky from inside due to rubbing.

3. Pouring wine directly to your mouth from the wine boot involves a little of technique. You need to base and place the snouting into your mouth. Then gently squeeze the boot from skin making an inside pressure. This will automatic try pour the wine into your mouth from the wine boot.  Moreover, when you to stop drinking, you just need to stop squeezing the wineskin. 

These are some of the basics on how to use a wine boot. So, now a wine boot and experience the taste of more fresh wine.  


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