Bulgaria Rose Oil  

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Bulgarian Rose Oil PerfumeFragrance OTTO Wooden Box Muskal 1x2.1ml


Bulgarian PERFUME 2.1 ml Muskal

For centuries people have trustedthe healing characteristics and the beautifying effect of the natural extracts.

A few drops of our high qualityRose Oil (Rose Otto) will:

Enliven: romance, auras, chakras,love, libido, sensuality, happiness.

Enhance: inner vision, angelicconnection, clairvoyance, relationships, meditation, devotion.

Assist with: skin care, easinggrief, encouraging contentment, dissipating guilt, liver detoxing, opening theheart, balancing the female reproduction system, healing.

Ease: menstrual tension, frigidity,hangovers, depression, symptoms of menopause.

Bring: harmony, comfort, calmness,purity, patience, luck and joy.

Aroma: Warm, floral, specificallydense, fine with honey notes, specific for Bulgarian Rose oil.

Indications: Rose otto isbeneficial during times of stress. It helps to relieve nervous tension, stressand mild anxiety and menstrual symptoms.

Emotions: The fragrance enlivensthe connection between our physical bodies and our spiritual selves. Pure roseotto has an immeasurable frequency.

Skin Care: Rose otto may be used onall skin types, especially mature and sensitive skin.

Natural Rose Essence

Rose essence is the"progenitor's genome" of any top perfume. It has no other fragrances.The aroma is unique - one of roses. Genuine roses. For it contains natural roseoil.

Our Rose Oil Souvenir Vials offeredare symbols of the long history of Bulgarian Rose Oil trading. The rose oilvials have been used by essential rose oil traders for hundreds of years todemonstrate the quality of their products. Today, the rose oil vials are usedas product samples and as souvenirs that combine art with history andtradition.

The Bulgarian rose perfume(essence) is perfect for aromatherapy, to wear as a perfume; it is used inmaking soaps and other cosmetic products, to scent water and to provide roomfragrance.


2 drops of Bulgarian rose oil in awarm bath. Stir water around and close door to contain fragrance.

Body Oil:

Mix 1 part of Bulgarian rose oil to10 parts of carrier oil (almond or jojoba)

Otto Diffuser:

Place several drops of Bulgarianrose oil into already warm water. Have enough water for suitable evaporation.


Put 1 drop of Bulgarian rose oil inone hand. Rub hands together vigorously. Hold hands in prayer position nearnose. Avoid contact with eyes.


First wash and rinse. Put 2 dropsof Bulgarian rose oil onto warm washer. Wipe over body avoiding eyes and otherdelicate parts.

Dream Pillow:

Put 2 to 3 drops of Bulgarian roseoil onto a cotton ball

or tissue. Place in pillow cuffaway from eyes.


Country of origin: Bulgaria

Authentic Bulgarian rose essence (Rosa damascena)

HAND MADE!!! It is manufactured by "LEMA" in Kazanlak, Bulgaria !!!!!



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