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Magic Bra Pads Breast Cup Up Inserts Bustline Enhancers

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Hello Boys... is someone else slogan, so we're not going to use it, but you get the idea! For girls who want a little extra lift where it counts, these pads can be inserted into most bras for some eye-popping effects! Included in the pack - ONE pair


Safe and Effective way to enlarge your bust line

No operations, injections or drugs needed to upgrade cup! Great helper to make breasts appear firm and full for the best look! Must have necessity in every woman's wardrobe for an evening dress or a sexy look.

1 Squeeze the mini air pump several times(point A on drawing)and you will see the magic bra pad inflated automatically

2 Air can be released by pressing the metal disc on button b with your fingernail. Please press the metal disc on button B, and squeeze the magic bra pad at the same time for releasing air.

3 The magic Bra pad size can be adjusted by pumping or releasing air. Adjust the size as desired and put magic bra pad in a suitable position inside the bra cup


- When using, please turn the side with "Metal Disc"(drawing B) facing outward in contact with the bra. The other side of clothes without Metal disc in contact with the skin.

- Hand wash only. Don't wash by machine.

- Don't brush the Magic Bra Pad in hand washing to avoid damage.

Size is adjustable

packing: 2 pcs

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