Bulgaria Rose Oil  

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Cream VITASSIN has been prepared by an old folk recipe based on natural ingredients (natural plant and animal fat, herbs, beeswax, pine resin, etc.). It has softening, moisturizing, regenerating, healed action.


Contains no preservatives!


Cream VITASSIN is particularly suitable for the incineration of different nature (solar, thermal or chemical).For burns, accompanied by wounds is recommended to use patches, which are prepared as follows:


* The contents of the package is placed in heat resistant container and heated until melted. Pre-prepared piecesof cotton cloth (flannel, calico) according to the size of the wounds. These cloths are immersed in the warm cream to absorb it and thus the patches are ready for use. Thus prepared patches are stored in plastic bag in a cool place.


*The patch is placed on the injured area and secured with a bandage. Thus, the bandages are made twice a day morning and evening, while closing the wound. Besides burning patches are used in wounds of various kinds (Perez, operational, decubitus, etc.).


It is very suitable for use in:


1. Dry eczema


2. Fungal diseases


3. Chapped hands and fifth


4. Hemorrhoids


5. Varicose veins


6. Loss-like hair mask


7. Psoriasis


8. Insect bites


9. Acne


10. Scars and marks




Treat regularly (at least three times daily) affected body parts to achieve the desired result. Because cream VITASSIN is entirely natural product. it can be used indefinitely at no risk of side effects and adverse effects.

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