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Natural Essential Argan OIL


Natural  Essential Argan OIL

Natural ArganOIL

Category: Oils with balanced fatty composition.

Argan oil is extracted from the fruits of a tree growing in the South-WestMorocco. People call it "The tree of life" and the oil "Theliquid gold of the desert" because it is one of the most valuable andexpensive oils in the world. The women in Morocco use the argan oil forcosmetic purposes for hundereds of years.

Its qualities became widely known much later and today this oil is between themost valuable plant products in the cosmetic industry. It is unique because ofits balanced composition of unsaturated triglycerides, and the contents ofprovitamin A. The essential fatty acids are helping to prevent skin'sdehydration and loss of elasticity, preventing or slowing down the wrinkles.This anti-aging effect is increased by the high levels of vitamin E andpolyphenols which are one of the strongest biological antioxidants forneutralizing free radicals. They have strong anti-inflaming action and improveskin's UV defennce. This oil is quite recommended before and after sun-baths.

The oil relieves itching, lowers the dryness of the scalp, stimulates and feedsup the hair follicles. The higher contents of vitamin E prevents splittinghair, helps it to grow faster and makes it more flexible. It is proved that thehair absorbs argan oil much faster than skin and nails. Moisture in the hair ispreserved longer, the hair is hydrated and is protected from the UV sunbeams.

The argan oil helps for the good look of the hands too. It hydrates dry skin,strengthens the nails, softens the cuticles.

If you want to counteract the natural processes of aging you can trust themagic action of the argan oil.

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