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Super Blond For Men Permanent Hair Dye AMMONIA FREE new


Hair BleachSuper Blond "Mr Solvex" 100 gThespecific formula of Mr. Solvex Super Blond enables you to turn real blond evenif your hair colour is dark auburn at the moment. Bleaching time depends on thehair structure and the desired tinge of blond. Because of its activeingredients - Vitamin F and Nettle extract - Mr. Solvex Super Blond ensuresproper protection of your hair during and after the bleaching process.


Pack Contains:


Active Powder


Protective gloves

Instruction sheet




You are stunning blond and your hair is still healthy, soft and shiny.


Dark auburn to blond hair


Hair Bleaching

Active Ingredients

Nettle extract

Vitamin F


Permanent hair bleach without ammonia.


Hair Colouring

Cosmetic Type

Hair Bleach

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