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SUPER BODY Natural Massage oil after sport 125ml 4.23oz BEST RESULT PROMOTION

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Massage body oil after sport 'RELAX' is meant for a whole body or part of the body massage. It brings relaxation and quick renewal to the body after sports or heavy physical activities. It widens and strengthens the effect of sports and fitness activities, taking off fatigue, toning up and restoring the strength of the body. It penetrates deep into the skin improving the limb irrigation. It is effective in cases of stiffness and other muscle pains.

Massage body oil after sport 'RELAX' is a fluid of two base oils - grape seed and almond and several essential oils dissolved in this base. Lavender oil has a strong soothing effect in cases of physical fatigue, anxiousness, nervousness, stress, insomnia, depression. Cedar and tea tree oils have refreshing, relaxing and antiseptic action. Petit grain is suitable for relaxing massage and it also strengthens the effect of the essential oils contained in the massage oil.Eucalypt oil has refreshing action, stimulates concentration, tones up and helps in cases of muscle pains.

Essential oils have specific aroma due to which their use is not only beneficial but also pleasant. At the beginning, the prevailing fragrance of Massage Body Oil After Sport 'RELAX' is the one of petit grain ( this oil is extracted from small green oranges found at the finest upper branches); then comes the lavender fragrance and finally the fragrance of cedar, eucalyptus and tea tree appears.

Essential oils contain in a concentrated form the vital energy and strength of the plants. Dissolved in plant oils, they penetrate easily through the skin and are easily assimilated by the organism. Essential oils influence human organism not only at a physical level by increasing the action of the beneficial and suppressing the action of the damaging processes. They have beneficial effect on psyche and spirit, helping a person overcome impediments.

'RELAX' helps the body to actively restore its strength, to overcome fatigue and the consequences of physical pressure and stress.


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