Bulgaria Rose Oil  

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Toilet water for men ROSE OF BULGARIA – 100 ml


RAREBadger HAIR Shaving Brush


Toilet water for men ROSE OF BULGARIA – 100 ml


An aroma,reflecting the inner fire, the temperament and the passion of the modern man –refined and attractive.


Theafter-shave lotion provides a gentle protection and freshness for the skinafter shaving. It disinfects, calms and nourishes the inflammatory skin, itcreates a feeling for comfort.  


The rosewater, included into the content, is incredibly rich in active substances,which stimulate the regeneration and strengthen the preventive functions of theskin. It has anti-inflammatory, strengthening and anti-oxidant effect.

Way of use:Spread over a pure skin of the face and the neck after shaving.



Made in European Union

RAREBadger HAIR Shaving Brush

Elegant handleshape .

Extra-soft badger brushproduces a luxurious lather.

This Pure Badger ShavingBrush is luxurious and kind to the skin.

With proper care it shouldserve you for years. Its handle has been designed for a more comfortable grip.

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