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Pro hair anti – hair loss lotion & Pro hair anti –hair loss shampoo



Pro hair anti – hair loss lotion




Active ingredients: oak bark, burdock and hops extract, milk proteins complex, inositol / vitamin B8/ amino acids.


The effective lotion acts against hair loss due to harmful environment and other stress factors, hair treatment, vitamins insufficiency.


Oak bark, burdock and hops extract improves the metabolism and the regeneration of hairs


The combination of milk proteins and inositol / Vitamin B8/ stimulates the metabolism of the scalp and protects hair of damage.


The amino acids counteract the seborrhea changes and improve the moisture of the hairs.


Rub Pro hair Lotion in the base of the hair, do not rinse out. Repeat 2-3 times a week if necessary.











Pro hair anti –hair loss shampoo




Active ingredients: rosemary and arnica extract, complex of milk proteins, inositol /vitamin B8/ amino acids.


Gentle anti – hair loss shampoo suitable for every hair types and age. Its regular use stimulates hair`s reviving, decreases the daily hair loss and improves the volume and the brilliance of the hair. Rosemary and arnica extract improve the vascularity of the heads`s skin and have an anti inflammatory effect. The combination of milk proteins , inositol / vitamin B8/ and amino acids vitalized the scalp’s cells and stimulates the protein biosynthesis.




Apply Pro-Hair shampoo with soft massage movements in the base of wet hair, wait 5-10 minutes, rinse out with plenty of water. For best results we recommend to use simultaneously shampoo and lotion Pro Hair

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