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6 pcs x vibrating rings for your lovely girl friend.make her happy

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1.one vibrating ring for your lovely girl friend.make her happy

2.made of Polymer non-toxic materials,according to CE and ROHS standard

3.the ring can be used with condom or alone


5. twist on/off

6.Female can enjoy sexual orgasm with it by DIY special designed stimulator can stimulate female clitoris for reaching climax

7.soft and tight, so fit any penis erection rings

8.promotional price


It's a nice present for your loved one to play with. You can improve your sexual relationship with this product. It is cheap and the sensation is really pleasant for both partners. The ring is very soft and doesn't hurt when putting on. The hole in the ring will fit all sizes and is stretchy, hold blood in your organ so you can keep going longer also.

The Ring's extra long battery life, your encounters are sure to last, and last and last for over 30 minutes.


The vibrating ring is using vibrating motor to stimulate the feminine sensitive

C point. Vibrating ring can use with condom either. It provide new concept we

named " safe sex with fun". The excitement of love-making you share with yours partner will boost to the highest frontier. You cannot control this special feeling.

the sexual fantasy and content will come true to meet human's natural echo.

Please contact us now. Just to experience the brand-new feeling of unforgettable!


1) Special designed stimulator can stimulate female clitoris for reaching orgasm

2) The product is designed with special TPR gel ring

3) Designed with special touch sensation stimulator. When it touches a female clitoris,

it will vibrate automatically for greater mutual stimulation

4) One time use only, durative intensive vibration time is about 35-40 minutes



• Weight: 0.82 oz


Pack including:

6 x Vibrating Ring

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