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NIVEA Q10 PLUS Firming Anti-Cellulite Body Gel-Cream

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NIVEA Lotion Q10 plus is new firming anti-cellulite gel cream. Lightweight product with Q10, L-kartinin and lotus extract reduces visible signs of cellulite without the need  additional body massage. The gel-cream has a pleasant texture and absorbs quickly. After two weeks of use the skin is visibly smoother and firmer, and after three weeks cellulite are greatly reduced.

 Mode of action:

The effect of the three main ingredients of the product are combined so as to intense treat of delicate problem areas. Light, nice and quickly absorbed texture makes them an enjoyable experience for the skin.

L-carnitine transport process carries out the fat cells to convert them into energy. However, lotus extract prevents the formation of new fat cells, and coenzyme Q10 stimulates the extra cellular metabolic processes. Strong formula activates the skin, promotes regeneration of skin cells and thus improves elasticity and smoothness. The gel substance has a cooling effect which helps blood circulation.

 how to use:

Apply daily of affected parts of the body - thighs, abdomen and buttocks.


 Proven effect after 2 weeks.

Dermatologically approved compatibility skin.


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